How the Ocean can save your life

How the ocean can save your life

Many of us ocean lovers mindlessly enjoy the serenity of our beautiful ocean everyday without realizing the real benefits it can have on our health. Yes, you heard that right, the ocean can have real positive effects on both your physical and mental health. First we will begin with the physical benefits the ocean can provide.

Physical Benefits 

The second you touch the water you are often redeeming the positive effects of our ocean. Let's start with the basic understanding of ocean water. Ocean water on average is made up of 3.5% of salt or 35 grams per 1 liter of water. Salt is often the key component to the oceans health benefits all though algae, seaweed, and sea mud have their own benefits. Ocean water has been proven to reduce acne, boost the immune system and in some cases relieved eczema. A man by the name of Jay had struggled with eczema almost his entire life. One day he took a vacation to Hawaii and his life changed forever. He instantly experienced relief from the salt water and it led him to take a deeper dive into the healing properties of the ocean. He found that salt water and other chemical traits of the ocean provided moisturizing qualities. Jay, so shocked by his recent discovery, started a company to provide relief for others suffering from eczema. Using the healing power of our ocean has changed the lives of many with the help of Jay's company. These are just a few physical benefits the properties of salt water contain. Many other positive effects are not in the water itself but in the way we use the water. The ocean is often used as an outlet to exercise whether it's going for a surf, swim, or even a calming walk or run on the beach. All of these options are a great way to get your body moving and promote a healthier lifestyle. I can personally testify to these benefits as an ocean junkie and surfer. I surf once a day on almost a daily basis, and during an average 1.5 hour session I burn about 1,100 calories. Now these numbers may vary based on how active you are in the water but that's still mind blowing! For me surfing has been a peaceful, fun, and exciting way to get my daily exercise. I can't cover every single benefit the ocean has for us physically but ill bullet point a few more of my favorites below for reference.

  • Salt water helps asthma by eliminating toxins
  • Ocean water acts as a detox for our body and cleans many of our internal organs
  • Ocean water excels cell regeneration which helps cure liver and kidney problems
  • Helps normalize blood pressure and stabilize the body

Mental health benefits  

It is now time to talk about the many mental health benefits the ocean can provide. The first mental health benefit relates back to the ocean being a good outlet for exercise. Physical activity has been proven to alleviate stress and reduce anxiety. So not only will a surf session or walk on the beach benefit your physical health but also your mental health. Most people can not deny that the ocean has a calming effect. Although It has not been proven to instantly provide stress relief  for many it does. It could be due to the calming sound of the waves crashing on the beach, maybe the crisp ocean breeze or possibly the gorgeous colors that can be seen in the sky as the sun rises and sets.I personally think it is all of the above combined to create a serene experience. As a surfer I can say one of my favorite things is scoring epic waves but it is even better when you are with your friends or family. The ocean provides a place for people to connect, relate, and create memories with people you love. Everyone has their own life which moves at different speeds and it can be hard to find time to spend with those dearest to you. The ocean has provided me with 2 hours of quality time every morning with my favorite people. No matter the wave quality, I have fun because I am often surrounded by the ones I love.

So can the Ocean really save your life ?

Okay so after reading the text above do you think the ocean can save your life ? I don't think there is a clear cut correct answer to the posed question above. Although I chose to believe it can. Now, you can not just walk into the ocean and immediately see your life turn around, but I personally believe over almost my entire life of being what I would call addicted to the ocean. I believe the ocean has saved my life. It has kept me in healthy physical shape, connected me with friends new and old, taught me patience and provided me with a mental escape. 

Written By Jaren Isham

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